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What you should know about DA Form 3749

  1. DA Form 3749 is used for unit equipment receipt.
  2. The previous editions of DA Form 3749 are obsolete.
  3. The form includes instructions for surrendering the card each time the equipment is issued.

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How to prepare DA Form 3749

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About Da Form 3749

Da Form 3749 is a military form used for requesting and approving items from an Army supply system. It is also known as an Equipment Receipt. This form is used by military personnel who are accountable for Army property. The form is used to track and account for property issued to an individual or unit, ensuring that they maintain accountability. It is commonly used for weapon systems, ammunition, and other sensitive equipment. It is also used for office paper work, computers, and other office equipment. Individual soldiers use DA Form 3749 while requesting and receiving items from the supply system. The unit Supply Officer is responsible for maintaining a record of all the forms, keeping track of the unit's property. Anyone who is responsible for Army property needs to use DA Form 3749.

How to complete a DA Form 3749

  1. Enter the unit equipment receipt information including receipt number, stock number, serial number, and item description
  2. Provide your name and signature in the designated fields
  3. Ensure to surrender this card each time the equipment is issued
  4. Report any loss of this card to the unit commander immediately
  5. Follow the instructions on the form for accurate completion

People also ask about DA Form 3749

What is the purpose of DA Form 3749?
DA Form 3749 is used to acknowledge receipt of equipment from a unit.
When should DA Form 3749 be surrendered?
This form should be surrendered each time the equipment is issued.
What should be done in case of loss of DA Form 3749?
Loss of this form should be reported to the unit commander immediately.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing DA Form 3749

Instructions and Help about DA Form 3749

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