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The DA Blank 3749, also known as an Equipment Received blank, is used in the US Army when a unit gets hardware. The sample contains information about the weaponry and the receiving party.

When Should the Da Form 3749 Equipment Receipt Be Filled Out?

The template should be filled out once military supplies are issued to a crew. Before completing the blank, prepare, or check if the following information is included:

  1. Receiving unit;
  2. Stock number;
  3. Serial number;
  4. Receipt number;
  5. Description of weaponry;
  6. Acknowledgment of voucher of hardware;
  7. Name of the receiver;
  8. Signature of the receiver;
  9. Grade/rank of the receiver;
  10. Signature of the officer who issued the weaponry.

Why Does the Da Form 3749 Equipment Receipt Have to Be Filled Out?

The template is usually used for supplies like masks and individually assigned weapons. The sample doesn’t have to be reissued each time the responsible officer is transferred to a different unit. However, a new copy of the document should be prepared in case the old one is lost or damaged, or if the soldier responsible for a specific piece of supplies changes units. It can be submitted online or filled out by hand. Mind that the template should be signed twice, once by the issuing officer and the receiving party.