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Da form 3749 - army publishing directorate

Unit Of Issue(s): 10001. Pub/Form Number, DA FORM 3749. Pub/Form Date, 5/01/2009. Pub/Form Title, EQUIPMENT RECEIPT. Unit Of Issue(s): 10001. PDF. Pub/Form IDN, 990001. Filing Date: 5/01/2009 Filing Party/ Principal Representative: Department Of Defense (USD-02-2611), Washington Headquarters Services(DOD). PDF. Pub/Form IDN, 990001. PDF. G-4 Documenting Compliance: (Date Filed). (Date Filed). G-2 Documenting Information: (Date Filed). (Date Filed). C-14 Documenting Compliance: (Date Filed). (Date Filed). C-14 Documenting Information: (Date Filed). (Date Filed). (Status is unchanged from prior year.) (Status is unchanged from prior year.) (Status is unchanged from prior year.) (Status is unchanged from prior year.) (Status is unchanged from prior year.) (Status is unchanged from prior year.) SEC. 717. OVERSIGHT OF RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS OF DEFENSE AGENCIES. (a) Authority to Conduct Studies- (1) IN GENERAL- The Secretary of Defense may authorize the Secretary of each military department to conduct research and development activities to assess the feasibility of-- (A) increasing or enhancing the efficiency, effectiveness, and combat readiness of the Department.

equipment receipt

LIMITED RELEASE FOR DISABILITY, SELF-INJURY AND BODILY INJURY RELEASE FORM — LOSS OF LIFE (Signature of Issuing Officer) LIMITED RELEASE FOR DISABILITY, SELF-INJURY AND BODILY INJURY RELEASE FORM- LOSS OF LIFE Signed, sealed AND returned by the undersigned, this 31st day of July 2000 at 11:59 By signing this release and requesting a copy of this form, the patient is acknowledging being voluntarily released from any claims against a named individual, his/her estate and/or any company by reason of the release. THE RELEASE DOES NOT AND MAY NOT GUARANTEE ANY BENEFITS TO THE RELEASE POSE.  The release has been made as an alternative to filing civil claims pursuant to Section 722, (4)(C) of the Michigan Unfair Trade Practices Act.  If a claim against the release is filed before release, no release has been made.  Claims made, demands issued or litigation instituted against the release after release cannot be enforced against that.

Da form 3749 "equipment receipt" - templateroller

The Form 3749 is completed when an equipment item is returned to the Army. The completed Form 3749 is used to obtain a receipt and payment, if any, for that item. The purpose of the Form 3749, and the use of the Form 3749 in any inventory action, is to record the item's disposition when it was no longer available for immediate purchase or use and was returned to the Army. The Form 3749, while not an official inventory, is used as a record of items under Army control. The Form 3749 is not reviewed by the Commanding Officer of the person who issues or returns it. Note 1: This regulation supersedes the rules contained in 15 637a to 637e. Note 2: Form 3749 may also be used when an equipment item is issued to someone other than for a limited time, for a specific item, or, on a.

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The contents of this item is the official document outlining the equipment authorized for a specific unit. This document is provided for the benefit of the US Army and all the units participating in military exercises.

Da form 3749 - fill online, printable, fillable, blank | pdffiller

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